Project Detail

City of Perth Parking
His Majesty's Theatre Carpark

The City of Perth Parking Authority has embarked on a "Going Green" project which aims to improve the energy efficiency across the council's public parking spaces through improved lighting technologies, natural ventilation and lighting control systems. The project will support the City's energy efficiency and carbon reduction strategy, increase awareness of energy efficiency opportunities and significantly reduce energy costs. 

Working closely with the City of Perth, Mondoluce proposed the new CREE VG Parking Structure 50W LED luminaire as a 1-for-1 replacement to the existing 2x36W T8 battens in order to achieve the design requirements of the client. The conversion from T5 to LED proved an initial energy reduction without the implementation of lighting controls. However, being a requirement of the "Going Green" strategy, Mondoluce incorporated the CREE Programmable Multi-Level "PML" sensor to each VG luminaire to allow for lighting control functionality within the car park and without the need to re-wire the existing infrastructure with control cables. Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor which controls the lighting levels based on occupancy, movement and ambient light levels. Further energy savings have been achieved through this method as the luminaires will "under run" when they are not required to operate at maximum capacity.  The result of reduced installation costs and energy consumption will provide the client with a faster Return on Investment. 

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Electrical Contractor: 
Wesco Electrics

Ron Tan