Project Detail

Public Transport Authority
Guildford Pedestrian Pathway Upgrade

In an effort to integrate public transport and cycling infrastructure, works to upgrade the principal shared path (PSP) on the southern side of Guildford Station were commissioned by the Public Transport Authority.

The upgrade saw the existing PSP demolished, and the construction of a new PSP, between East Guildford Station and the Guildford Station (western) pedestrian level crossing. The new PSP offers a more direct route to the station, and improves safety and accessibility by providing a wider, consistent surface for cyclists and pedestrians to utilise. Lighting has been installed along the new PSP to ensure the area is fully lit, and kerbing adjoining the new PSP has been upgraded to improve safety and accessibility.

The design criteria was to use specific optical distributions as to not throw any spill light onto the railway line. Downer Mouchel liaised with Mondoluce and selected the Cree LEDway to achieve this criteria while the high light levels and colour rendition produced by the Cree luminaires created a sense of security for cyclists and pedestrians.

Electrical Engineer: 
Downer Mouchel

Downer Mouchel

Ron Tan