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Department of Education
Joseph Banks Secondary College Stage 2

Following the construction of Joseph Banks Secondary College Stage 1 in 2015, the new Stage 2 development builds on the success of the previous project and construction was recently completed in 2017. Additional new facilities such as two new learning community buildings, a new Lecture Theatre with tiered seating, a new Visual Arts and Media building with the latest state-of-the-art audio/video recording studios, art and media classrooms, a dance studio and a new student services wing, all go hand in hand to enhance the students’ learning experience. Other notable expansion to the school facility includes a commercial kitchen and food studio and a new STEM workshop.

Joseph Banks Secondary College has now grown to accommodate up to 1450 students from years 7 to 12 and is recognised to be one of the most modern and well equipped public schools in Western Australia. The electrical design for both Stage 1 and 2 of Joseph Banks Secondary College was undertaken by Wood & Grieve Engineers in collaboration with T&Z Architects. 

Energy saving LED fittings are used extensively throughout Stage 2. In particular, the slim profile Limelite Linear 100 LED luminaires are used in all classrooms to achieve a modern and functional teaching space. The Limelite Linear 100 has extremely low glare and is well suited for teaching environments. The iGuzzini iSign was selected as a creative lighting solution for the dance studio in conjunction with the Limelite Ledge wall mounted uplighter. Limelite LED panels are installed to the audio/visual recording studios and associated media classrooms as they require uniformity and colour accuracy. The iGuzzini laser blades are used throughout the student services area to discretely blend in with the raking ceilings while still providing ample light to illuminate the space.


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T&Z Architects

Electrical Engineer:
Wood & Grieve Engineers

Firm Construction

Electrical Contractor:
Sampson Electrical

Ron Tan