For over two decades, Mondoluce has been driven to provide lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural environments, with a recent development of a business unit dedicated to the industrial and mining market. Lighting that is intelligent, functional, aesthetically pleasing and spatially appropriate; it’s a relentless pursuit that has been, and continues to be, fuelled by passion. Our motivation for generating solutions informed by form and function is reflected by each division and at every level of Mondoluce: from the depth of knowledge of our staff, to the products, services and brands we represent, and our promotion and associations within the broader community.


Our vision is to provide unsurpassed quality, reliability and value to our clients by offering superior products and expert service. Our goal is twofold – to be the best lighting provider in the market, and to provide the best experience and outcome for our clients. We want to work with you to create the finest aesthetic, creative, innovative, sustainable and functional lighting solution for your business.


The products we offer are at the forefront of global design, innovation and manufacture.We passionately strive to be the best by offering outstanding service to our clients across the entire spectrum of our services. We provide services that are fit for purpose. When a design or architectural solution is required, form becomes a key factor in our decision-making. When a commercial solution is called for, we seek to provide functional solutions that meet the specific usage requirements of our client. Mondoluce’s overarching philosophy is generating solutions that match form and function, without compromise.
Our product and technical support commences from the initial concept and design stage through to commissioning, installation and troubleshooting. The seamless transition of service provision throughout the various stages of our supply process is a key feature of our business.


Our business is founded on strong partnerships and relationships that span decades.We intentionally nurture these relationships and collaborate with a spectrum of key decision makers from design disciplines, trade professionals and industry bodies. We share the passion to make light work with those who understand the significant role lighting plays from an aesthetic and functional perspective.


Mondoluce offers end-to-end project application support and coordination from pre- to post-installation service. We are structured to provide a wide and diverse range of lighting solutions across a myriad of applications. Our devotion to the requirements of clients and customers ensures a seamless transition throughout all facets of our operation from business development, application support, pre- and post-sales support, technical support, warehousing and administration.


Mondoluce provides a unique connection between leading international product designers and manufacturers with professional practitioners from a multitude of design disciplines ranging from:

  • Architecture
  • Urban & Landscape
  • Interiors
  • Engineering
  • Lighting Design

We cultivate collaborative design partnerships understanding the significant role lighting plays from both a functional perspective to an aesthetic, creative and innovative dimension.