Product Detail

Platea Pro

Product Code | P804

Designer | Jean Michel Wilmotte

Brand | iGuzzini

The Platea Pro is an outdoor luminaire with a Wall Washer optic, designed to use LED lamps. Made up of an optical assembly with a base and an aluminium alloy frame. The painting stage consists of a primer and a liquid acrylic paint, cured at 150 °C, with a high level of weather and UV ray resistance. With a 5 mm thick colourless transparent tempered sodium-calcium glass cover. The product can be tilted by +5°/90° around the vertical plane with a 10° step graduated gauge and fitted with mechanical blocks that guarantee stable aiming of the beam of light. Horizontal aiming is performed using the slots in the base, which allow an ±30° adjustment. High visual comfort.

Polymer optic lenses offering high yield and even light distribution. Complete with circuit fitted with Neutral White monochrome power LEDs. Extractable control gear connected with quick-coupling connectors. 220-240V ac 50/60Hz DALI electronic ballast. Replaceable control gear. All the screws used are made of A2 stainless steel.

  • Direct light luminaire for use with LEDs.
  • The fixture is installed into the ground, wall-mounted (with a fisher).
  • The fixture has an optical assembly and base.
  • Optical assembly and aluminium alloy frame; transparent colourless sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, 5 mm thickness (6 mm for all-glass versions).
  • Optical assembly double adjustability.
  • Graduated scale and mechanical aiming lock.
  • Monochromatic warm and neutral LED optics with optical polymer lenses. Also available in versions with black silk-screened all-glass front part.
  • Electronic power supply DALI.
  • RGBW and Tunable White LED versions complete with power supply and DMX512-RDM control electronic board.
  • Luminaire ready for pass-through wiring.
  • All screws are A2 stainless steel.







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