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Primopiano Professional

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The evolution of the indoor projector Primopiano was inspired by the lens of a camera. The ‘Professional’ version is an LED spot, which is contained within a single unique body that houses both the optic and power supply, without altering the solid square body of its predecessor.

This high performance application has a die-cast aluminum body and ultrapure aluminum reflectors. It is designed to accommodate a variety of accessories to attain precise lighting effects in response to the exact lighting needs of retail and cultural areas.

Primopiano Professional is available in only one size and  one LED module, namely, warm white with CRI > 95. This emits high quality light and is able to develop the visual ergonomics of fabrics and works of art.

The LED light source is completely concealed behind a screen. 


  • Installation on mains voltage and DALI track.
  • Body in die-cast aluminium and stainless steel rod.
  • LED versions with high color rendering index.
  • Inclination of 90° on horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis, with mechanical aiming lock.
  • The luminaires include a dimmable electronic transformer and are made using IGBT technology.










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