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Palco Framer

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Designer | Artec3 Studio

Brand | iGuzzini


iGuzzini Palco becomes a framer with diameters of 19mm or 37mm (for low voltage track) and 90mm or 115mm (for mains voltage track). The patented lens ensures high luminance and efficiency. Magnetic coupling between the rear part and the optical compartment. The Shape&Twist feature allows manual and gradual adjustment of the light beam in round or square shapes, respectively achieved using metal gobos and external fins.


Framer 115mm and 99mm

  • Installation on three-phase track.
  • Made of die-cast aluminium.
  • Inclination of +10° - 90° on horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis, with mechanical aiming lock.
  • 115mm - Profiler has a ø 30 - ø 40 mm metal gobo and metal flaps for shaping and adjusting the shape of the light beam.
  • 115mm - Possibility of ordering as accessories a set of diaphragms for the emission of circular light beams, measuring 8 mm and 40 mm, colored filters, customized gobo made of chemically or microlaser cut metal and 24x36 mm slides.
  • 99mm - Framer with metal gobo ø 30.
  • 99mm - The metal wings used to adjust and shape the light beam are in external position; 360° rotation of the optical assembly with respect to the optical axis.
  • 99mm - Possibility of ordering as accessories: iris with opening from 2.5 to 40 mm for emission of circular light beams; customized gobo made of chemically cut metal.
  • All aiming, focusing and routine maintenance operations can be carried out without using tools.
Framer Low Voltage 19mm and 37mm
  • Installation on low voltage track (48V).
  • 37mm - Shape & Twist: magnetic coupling between the rear and the front body with metallic gobo and outer fins for a stepless manual shaping & twisting the beam of light in round or square shapes.
  • Spotlight with DC/DC converter built into the adapter.
  • Adapter-track connection with fast click-fit system.
  • Spotlight body in die-cast aluminium.
  • Spotlight Ø19 with metal gobo and manual focusing system.
  • Spotlight Ø37 with metal gobo and external fins for adjusting and framing the light beam.
  • LED CoB with high colour yield index.







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