Product Detail


Product Code | 6613

Designer | Jean Michel Wilmotte

Brand | iGuzzini


  • Suspended, surface-mounted or recessed lighting system designed for fluorescent light sources with up/down light emission.
  • Product permits downlight-only emission by means of a top cover (to be ordered separately) made of plastic material.
  • Modules are complete with terminal boards and cables for through wiring.
  • Ready for switch-on of 3 groups of fittings.
  • Product produces general light and has an extruded polycarbonate screen with diffusing opal surface subjected to anti-UV treatment.
  • Diffuser screens can be removed without tools for ordinary maintenance operations.
  • Structure of the fitting is made of painted extruded aluminium; the lamp-holding supports are made of galvanised painted sheet steel
  • End caps (to be ordered separately) of polycarbonate.
  • Top protection screen (to be ordered separately) is made of transparent polycarbonate subjected to anti-UV treatment.
  • Power-supply cable is transparent and the cables are subjected to antioxidant treatment.
  • Modules can be combined by means of direct and corner 90° couplings as well as structural modules (to be ordered separately).
  • Suspension system (to be ordered separately) has sheet-steel supporting plates with polycarbonate covering bases and steel suspension cables with a millimetric adjustment system (applied to the modules).
  • Ceiling application by means of an aluminium structure (to be ordered separately).
  • Recessed and semi-recessed installation system by means of a structure designed for application to false ceilings 12.5mm and 15mm thick, with concealed rim (to be ordered separately).








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