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Atlantic Post Top

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Designer | Ligman

Brand | Ligman

The Atlantic range is a versatile and unique range from Ligman. Available in Surface Mount, Bollard, Pendant Mount or Light Column, and Light column Sheppard’s crook. The range has been developed to complement each other.

The Atlantic post top uses energy saving compact fluorescent lamps as well as metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Designed for lighting car parks, footpaths, pedestrian areas, precincts, parks, gardens and building perimeters. The LED luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance.


  • 2 Different Shades and 2 Different Tops to choose from.
  • 2700K, 3000K or 4000K available. 
  • LED, Compact Fluroescent or Metal Halide available.
  • Available in Light Column, and Light column Sheppard’s crook




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