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Product Code | BL-SM-600-14W-4K

Designer | Limelite

Brand | Limelite

The BlockLED provides a neat and tidy lighting solution. Utilizing a slim, sleek appearance for multipurpose use. Perfect for corridors, bathrooms, above mirrors or even office spaces. The BlockLED's well-thought-out design takes our surface mounted lighting to the next level.

The BlockLED's notable style can be surface mounted or wire suspended and is easily clipped onto the Limelite ClipeaZ extrusion. The BlockLED is 100% designed and made in Australia.

This versatile luminaire is a flawless all-purpose architectural fixture.


  • Purpose built LED luminaire designed around LED technology
  • SELV (low voltage)
  • Designed for clear vision in all spaces
  • Frosted, Pinch and Push diffuser for quick accessibility
  • Tough injection molded ends designed to suit 20mm conduit for through wiring, if required
  • Various LED Outputs and LED Lamp Colour options available
  • Small Carbon Foot Print
  • Locally Designed and Made
  • Built for the Australian market, fast and easy to install
  • Integral control systems available, LSL and Dali options available
  • All the BlockLED’s are tested and recorded in our Melbourne workshop
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • BCA Greenstar and Nabers can easily be achieved from our luminaires by using any of our lighting ranges, due to a combination of all the latest lighting technology
  • White standard – other colours available on request


  • Dim (Dali Dimming Driver)
  • LSL-R (LSL 10a Relay)
  • LSL-SS (LSL with Switch Dim)
  • LSL-SS30 (LSL with Switch Dim and 30 Minute Turn Off)
  • USC (UniStrut Clip)
  • WG (Wire Guard)
  • 90+CRI





600 - 1200mm



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