Product Detail

Underscore6 Recessed

Designer | Dean Skira

Brand | iGuzzini

Underscore6 is the smallest line of light available on the market. It boasts minimal dimensions of a mere 6 millimetres of linear light created with monochrome LEDs and available in different colour temperatures. The product consists of two elements. The first is an aluminium profile that dissipates heat correctly, thereby guaranteeing superior longlife performance, while the other is a light strip.

High quality construction. A twin layer of protective coating separates the upper emitter and the lower LED chamber. This unique design in which the light strip and cover are two separate elements, reduces stress and stops the strip from getting broken. Underscore guarantees optimal uniformity of emission thanks to the combination of a diffusing, opal finish, an upper protective coating and radial LED emission.

Underscore is a creative tool that personalises and characterises environments. Atmospheric, decorative effects can be drawn on walls and ceilings with two recessed, frame and minimal solutions.


  • Flexible strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED's 
  • Extremely compact 6mm 
  • Heat dissipating silicone protective cover with diffusing finish
  • Can be cut at pre-set distances
  • Uncut strips ensure a degree of protection of IP65
  • Available in 3000k, 4000k & 6000k




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