Product Detail

Storm IP66

Product Code | STM-SM-1200-23w-3K

Designer | Limelite

Brand | Limelite

The Storm is a robust IP66 Weather Proof Luminaire designed specifically for use in damp or corrosive areas or situations that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. It is ideal for Carparks, Security Lighting, Sports Stadiums, Swimming Pools and any place that a weatherproof luminaire is required.


  • The Storm Weatherproof IP66 LED can be Surface Mounted on the wall and/or Suspended from the ceiling
  • Wire suspension available
  • Places that the Storm can be used Carparks, Cool Rooms, Freezers (check temperatures first), and any place that a Weatherproof luminaire is required
  • Integrated Control Systems available (LSL and Dali options available with all Storms)
  • LED Outputs and LED Lamp Colour options available
  • Versatile Luminaire range
  • Small Carbon Foot Print
  • Locally Assembled
  • BCA Greenstar and Nabers can easily be achieved from our luminaires by using any of our lighting ranges, due to a combination of all the latest lighting technology
  • All the Storms are tested and recorded in our Thomastown workshop
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Dim (Dali Dimming Ballast)
  • WS (3m Wire Suspension Kit)
  • LSL-R (LSL 10a Relay) For internal use only
  • LSL-SS (LSL with Switch Dim) For internal use only
  • LSL-SS30 (LSL with Switch Dim and 30 Minute Turn Off) For internal use only
  • 90+CRI






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