Product Detail

Apollo N LED

Designer | Pracht

Brand | Pracht

To improve something that already is very good, this was a very tall order for the new generation of the Apollo Series. With the latest technological components it’s improved on both performance and efficiency once again. Pracht Apollo is the perennial favorite. For many years it has been setting technical standards in industrial lighting. 

The Pracht Apollo is already used in various environments. Acid and lye resistance are just some features of the extremely low-maintenance Apollo.

  • Housing - Slim, elegant, fully sealed luminaire housing made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, white, substantially acid and alkali resistant.
  • Lamp Holder End Pieces - Single piece push-fit lamp holders made of PBT, shatter proof, with clips made of stainless steel.
  • Lamp Cover - With parabolic mirror reflector, swivelling, made of PRACHTOPAL (impact resistant).
  • Seals - Short, ageing-resistant silicone seals.
  • Electrical Components - High performance LED, built-in converter.
  • Through-wiring - 7x2.5 mm² max. available.
  • Installation - Variable mounting points through PRACHT clip system made of stainless steel. Suitable for ceiling, pendant and horizontal wall mounting.
  • Fields of Application - Industrial halls, logistic centres, cold storage facilities, workshops, maintenance and production halls.


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