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WINET™ RF Monitoring

Designer | Bardic

Brand | Bardic

BARDIC WINET RF™ is the intelligent choice for building owners, maintenance managers or service agents, exploring ways to reduce building maintenance costs and increase efficiencies. Designed to manage and monitor emergency lighting assets remotely and seamlessly, the BARDIC WINET RF™ saves time, money and ensures safety standards are followed. A complete web-based, wireless mesh network that monitors, controls and manages an emergency lighting system, all from the click of a mouse.


BARDIC WINET RF™ is based on Zigbee PRO mesh networking technology, in which every node is a transmitter and a receiver. A typical BARDIC WINET RF™ network can consist of a number of different areas within a building, each managed by a dedicated Smart Area Controller (SMARCO). The SMARCO performs diagnostics in compliance with the Australian Standards and collects data from each connected device, also scheduling biannual discharge tests. BARDIC WINET RF™ is completely web-based and communicates using a user-friendly graphical user interface embedded within the SMARCO.


  • Monitors luminaires, initiates and schedules tests, maintainselectronic logbooks, and obtains status reports.


    Retrofitted to PREMIUM Exit & Emergency Lighting.


    Can be installed by BARDIC before shipping.

  • A fully wireless emergency lighting system. Requires no wiring between fittings.

  • Operates at subGHz frequencies for extended coverage and high penetration through walls and floors. No interference with WiFi.

  • Self-healing, mesh network ensures the system is always communicating to the main SMARCO via the optimal route.


    Accessed via browsers on computers, laptops, tablets or phones.

  • Includes the provision for remote access to complete commissioning or system monitoring to avoid on-site labour costs.


    Very easy to add, remove or replace luminaires.


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