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Linear Wall Washer

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Designer | Limelite

Brand | Limelite

The Linear100 is LimeLite's most versatile lumninaire range. It compliments all families of ceiling types with wide sleek lines.


  • Wall Washers to suit Linear100 is complimentary to all families of ceiling types
  • The Wall washer has been designed to fit into a 100mm opening as per the rest of the range and visually balance the look on the ceiling while preforming the wall washing great verticals
  • Linear100 wide sleek lines
  • LED Outputs and LED Lamp Colour options available
  • Very workable Luminaire range, same IES file for all ceilings
  • Integrated Control Systems available (LSL and Dali options available with all Linear100 ceiling types)
  • Small Carbon Foot Print
  • Locally Made
  • All Linear100’s are Tested and Recorded in our Melbourne workshop
  • Cost effective compared to the 300 wide fittings (smaller footprint)
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • BCA Greenstar and Nabers can easily be achieved from our luminaires by using any of our lighting ranges, due to a combination of all the latest lighting technology
  • Ultra Dim (Extra Low Dimming to 0.1%)
  • Dim (Dali Dimming Ballast)
  • ER (Earthquake Resistant)
  • 90+CRI
  • WS (3m Wire Suspension Kit) Surface Mount version only





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