Application Detail

Shopping Centres Lighting

LED technology is growing rapidly for lighting applications, and with a worldwide focus on being “green”, more lighting designers, engineers and facility managers are considering LED as an energy efficient lighting solution.

Whether it be upgrades to existing or for new installations, Mondoluce brings LED lighting technology from leading international manufacturers to the Western Australian community.

Case Study:

Shopping centres generally have main mall areas that are illuminated using recessed high output down lights. These down lights are typically 150w metal halide, and are switched on during trading hours.

Existing: 300 x 150w MH recessed down lights installed on 4-6m ceilings.

These down lights will be required to provide illumination to the mall areas during trading hours and may also be required after hours for security or cleaning purposes. We look at replacing these old technology MH down lights with the iGuzzini 55w LED Reflex Easy down light. Using a 1 for 1 replacement methodology, we can provide a saving of approximately 110 watts (>65%) per fitting. If we look at the entire shopping centre (300 x down lights) that equates to a saving of 33,000 watts.

The iGuzzini 55w LED Reflex Easy is designed to give good uniform lighting levels from a 4m ceiling height. These LED down lights can be used in conjunction with our KOVE LED pelmet lighting system to provide further savings in energy consumption and maintenance cost for the centre.

E-mail to access our LED Payback Calculator and discover the savings for yourself. In addition, we can analyze your individual needs and provide you with a proposal that gives you all the information you need to make an educated decision in LED Lighting upgrades.