Application Detail

Indoor Recreation Lighting

LED technology is growing rapidly for lighting applications, and with a worldwide focus on being “green”, more lighting designers, engineers and facility managers are considering LED as an energy efficient lighting solution.

Whether it be upgrades to existing or for new installations, Mondoluce brings LED lighting technology from leading international manufacturers to the Western Australian community.

Case Study:

Recreation centres generally have high mount (>6m) metal halide high bay light fittings to illuminate player courts for a wide variety of activities.

Existing: 100 x 400w MH high bay pendant light fittings mounted at 8m

These high bays are typically switched on for the duration of operating hours for the recreation centre. Our proposal was to exchange the current old technology MH fittings for the CREE CXB 230w LED High Bay. This high bay is a direct replacement for the 400w MH fitting, so a 1 for 1 replacement scenario is applicable. The savings achieved in energy consumption is 195w per fitting. Based on the number of fittings within the centre, we have a total saving of 19,500 watts (>45%) by changing over to the CREE CXB 230w LED High Bay.

As the CREE LED high bay provides instant light, unlike the warm up period required by metal halide lamps, the potential to provide further energy savings through daylight harvesting becomes a more viable option.

E-mail to access our LED Payback Calculator and discover the savings for yourself. In addition, we can analyze your individual needs and provide you with a proposal that gives you all the information you need to make an educated decision in LED Lighting upgrades.