Joe Iammarrone

Technical Manager

Joe started his career in the lighting industry in 1993 as store person with Atkins Carlyle. Now, an electrician by trade – Class A Electrical Fitter and Mechanic, Joe’s technical expertise extends well beyond the electrical field. He is always the first point of contact for anyone at Mondoluce when it comes to technical information, as his wealth of knowledge continues to be an invaluable resource.

His role extends to managing the electrical safety and compliancy of all Mondoluce products. He directs the technical team when making mechanical and electrical modifications to our products to improve their performance, and to customise the product based on project requirements.

Joe wears many hats as a Mondoluce team member, and is also responsible for Occupational Health and Safety and IT. He holds regular technical training sessions to keep the whole team informed of relevant technical and safety information.

In true team spirit Joe continues to develop personally to support his role at Mondoluce by finishing Leadership Management Australia courses The Challenge of Leadership, Leading and Managing for Results and Performance Edge.

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