After careful consideration of the potential that could be realised from LED, as a company, PlumLED embarked on a mission to design and manufacture a luminaire that could embrace all the advantages that LED has to offer. Three years of development culminated in the release of their modular range of luminaires that deliver on that goal without compromise. Their aim is to not just replace outdated luminaires but to assess requirement and provide an intelligent solution taking into account all of the benefits that LED can bring to your energy bottom line.

This is achieved by employing a totally modular design that can be exactly tailored to specific applications with minimal waste. With the capability to control light output and distribution, variable power/time profiles, size and distribution of modules, as well as providing unequalled redundancy and commonality of components across the range, PlumLED can deliver total burden savings up to 80% and possibly more depending on the application.

Replacement of inefficient lighting technologies is inevitable so with that in mind we have taken the view “why not value add where possible”. Visit the section on their innovative HAAL product to see how they have incorporated accident prevention and lifesaving qualities into their products.

At PlumLED their philosophy and aim is the innovative application of emerging technologies to deliver products and services that provide unique, intelligent, energy saving solutions to a broad range of demanding scenarios. Offering custom, wide-area and local control wireless management solutions to enhance our social environment, transport, and emergency services systems, PlumLED continually strives to provide real world solutions to real world requirements.

With strong roots in the aerospace, mining, and industrial service industries PlumLED draws on more than 20 years of experience in product design, maintenance, and manufacturing.

Since the conception of its modular industrial lighting system over 5 years ago PlumLED has painstakingly conducted exhaustive Research, Development, and testing activities to bring its innovative LED lighting solution to the market.