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Reflex Super Comfort

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Designer | iGuzzini

Brand | iGuzzini

iGuzzini Reflex is a complete and flexible line of recessed luminaires; it is responsive, capable of adapting itself to the characteristics of the installation environment with extreme simplicity.

iGuzzini wanted to add comfort to comfort, developing a Reflex C.o.B. Super Comfort version, with UGR<10 resulting in zero glare and luminance < 1,500 cd/sq.m for angles <65°. This version is especially suitable in work environments and transit areas to ensure maximum visual ergonomics. With a clean and captivating design, Reflex Super Comfort is available in two sizes and has three light distributions with high luminous flows in order to allow application also in offices and large areas, such as airports and stations, up to 15m in height.


  • Recessed installation in false ceilings with 12.5 mm for Minimal versions (without perimeter rim) or from 1 to 25 mm for Frame versions (with rim) using torsion springs.
  • Die-cast aluminium body and heat sink.
  • Metallized thermoplastic reflector with anti-scratch protection treatment with high luminous efficiency and visual comfort.
  • Versions suitable for use in environments with video terminals UGR<19.
  • Available with electronic and DALI control gear.
  • IP20.
  • IP43 for visible body of fitting after installation (minimal versions).
  • IP54 for visible body of fitting after installation (frame versions).
  • Reflex C.o.B. Super Comfort, with UGR<10 and luminance <1,500 cd/m2 at angles of <65°
  • Available in two sizes, with three light distribution settings










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